Booz Allen Hamilton

Company Overview

We attribute the strength of our client relationships, the commitment of our people, and our resulting long term growth to our management consulting heritage and culture, which instills our relentless focus on delivering value and enduring results to our clients. Our heritage, culture, and exceptional people are an enduring testament to a 100-year-old institution that is still driven by the same values that were core to its founding. Edwin Booz said it best: Start with character… and fear not the future. Here's to another 100 years.


  • Dedication to client service – Focuses on leveraging our experience and knowledge to provide differentiated insights
  • Partnership-style culture and compensation system – Fosters collaboration and the efficient allocation of our people across markets, clients, and opportunities
  • Professional development and assessment system – Reinforces the alignment of our people with our collaborative culture, core values, and ethics
  • Approach to the market – Leverages our matrix of deep domain expertise in the markets with our strong capabilities


Our collaborative culture plays a critical role in our efforts to deliver proven results to our clients. We operate our business as a single profit center, which drives our ability to collaborate internally and compete externally. We believe that we serve our clients best when we go to market as a whole firm rather than as a collection of individual business units or profit centers.

Although we are a corporation, we use a partnership-style culture and compensation model which fosters internal collaboration through a single profit center and firm-wide compensation pool. This distinctive system allows us to motivate our executives to act in the best interest of the firm through an emphasis on client service and by encouraging the rapid and efficient allocation of our people across markets, clients, and opportunities.

Investor Contacts

Analyst and Investor Inquiries
Curt Riggle
Vice President of Investor Relations
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
McLean, VA 22102

Financial Media & Industry Analyst Inquiries
James Fisher
Principal, Media Relations


Corporate Governance Inquiries
Nancy Laben
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary