Booz Allen Hamilton
Jan 27, 2009

Mike McConnell Rejoins Booz Allen as Senior VP

McLean, VA — Booz Allen Hamilton today announced that J. Michael (Mike) McConnell will rejoin the firm as senior vice president upon the completion of his service as Director of National Intelligence.

“We are proud to welcome Mike McConnell back to the Booz Allen family,” said Dr. Ralph W. Shrader, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Booz Allen Hamilton. “Mike embodies what Booz Allen has long stood for: integrity and dedication to service. He is a leader in the national security community and true patriot who has devoted his life to keeping our country safe and secure.”

McConnell has an illustrious record of government service. He previously served as Director of the National Security Agency under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.  A Vietnam veteran, he served a total of 29 years in the Navy retiring in 1996 as a Vice Admiral. 

Upon his retirement from the Navy, he joined Booz Allen where he attained the position of senior vice president, and departed in 2006 when asked by President George W. Bush to become the Director of National Intelligence. President Obama has asked McConnell to continue to serve by accepting a position on his President Intelligence Advisory Board (PIAB), the Board which advises the President on all matters related to intelligence.

“I couldn’t be happier to return to Booz Allen as it continues to provide vital national security, civilian, and defense assistance to the government,” said McConnell. “I’ve always admired Booz Allen’s dedication to government service and look forward to contributing.” McConnell will lead the firm’s national security business unit.